Our Progressive Team


Kirk Hoffman is the Founder/President of Progressive Parking and Hospitality Solutions. Kirk founded Progressive Parking Solutions in 2008 to provide a unique alternative that keeps business simple and focused on the items that make a difference. Since inception, Progressive has grown from one location in downtown Oklahoma City, to now operating in excess of 40 facilities in 6 states, providing jobs to over 400 employees. Kirk has a proven record defined by his commitment to delivering exceptional service with integrity and professionalism.


Veronica Goss is the Vice President of Operations for Progressive Parking and Progressive Hospitality Solutions. Veronica joined the team with a background in automotive hospitality which is a part of her 20+ years in the hospitality industry. Veronica expects nothing less than absolute professionalism from the team and inspires all levels of employees to exceed the standards. With unprecedented communication skills, absolute understanding of the hospitality industry, and client relations expertise, she exceeds all expectations.


Lisa Gassaway is the Controller at Progressive Parking and Hospitality Solutions. Lisa came to Progressive with the background in Public and Private Sector Accounting. Lisa has the overall responsibility for the financial management of Progressive. Her main areas of focus include accounting, finance, treasury, tax, long-rang planning and overseeing all areas of Human Resources. Lisa joined the Progressive team in 2010 and enjoys working with the managers she speaks with on a daily basis. Lisa is focused on maximizing both the client’s and Progressives financial operating results along with other administrative functions.